Owner of multi-million dollar business at the mere age of 25.

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Dale Beaumont

Award-winning technology entrepreneur, international speaker and author of 16 best-selling books. Owner of multi-million dollar business at the mere age of 25.

Elevator Pitch: Who is Dale Beaumont?

Dale runs his own business in the education space. He loves helping other people to access quality information to improve their life. Lately he focuses on helping people around Australia and New Zealand improve their businesses. More recently he developed an app called BRiN that uses artificial intelligence to provide business education.

Starting Out

When Dale was a child his mother decided to channel his excessive energy into gymnastics. By the age of 9 he was training for the Olympic Games. He spent up to 36 hours a week in the gym in preparation. He looks back and sees that this is where his entrepreneurial discipline comes from. There he learned about hard work, time management, how to motivate himself and how to be resourceful and relentless. He finished his career as a gymnast at the age of 19 and entered the corporate world. After 6 months he felt frustrated by the slow pace at which everything was happening. The fact that he was not in charge of his own destiny also dismayed him. Starting his own business would put him in control of his own future.

He attended a few personal development coaching courses. Once there, he noticed that he was by far the youngest attendee. This made him realise that there was a gap in the market for developmental courses aimed at younger people. He founded his first company, Tomorrow’s Youth, where he taught teenagers the life skills they didn’t learn in school.

Millionaire at the Age of 25

When he was 24, Dale put together a series of books called The Secrets Exposed. He interviewed highly successful people in different fields and put their best ideas into a book. The sales of these 16 books provided him with a solid financial foundation. He wants to emphasise that it didn’t happen overnight and that it required much hard work.

Making Mistakes and Learning from Them

Dale equated success with owning many businesses, so by the age of 27 he juggled 5 businesses. He learned that he couldn’t give each business the attention that it needed to thrive. In the end he had to sell the businesses and focus on only one for a couple of years.

Behind the Scenes

Business Blueprint, a business education company, is Dale’s main focus these days. Around 2007 he noticed a shift in business. As the Yellow Pages got increasingly smaller, other channels started to emerge – Google, YouTube, Facebook and the like. Business owners realised that this was the technology of the future, but they weren’t entirely sure how to embrace it. Dale started to facilitate workshops to help these established businesses to embrace new technology. They started with 10 clients and that grew to over 500 today.

Dale’s 12-Month Programme

The programme comprises of 4 live events, 24 webinars, access to their library of over a thousand training videos, a coach to help them when they get stuck as well as a support community and email access to Dale and his team. His programme makes use of what Dale calls “blended learning” – a combination of online learning, live events, phone calls and personal coaching.


Dale likes to use both online and offline marketing methods. With the 1,8 billion users on Facebook you can target very specifically and control who you want to reach with your message. They make use of Google AdWords to run advertisements on YouTube and have seen great results. A few times a year they do cross-promotions with other companies. They find the publicity generated by media exposure to be useful and also make use of direct email marketing. Technology has enabled them to market their business much faster and smarter.

Income Streams

Business Blueprint has become a 5 million dollar business and it’s by far the largest chunk of Dale’s income. He does still generate some revenue from book sales. Dale gets dividends from companies he has invested in and he also generates passive income from his property portfolio.

BRiN App

Dale wanted to give everyone access to a business advisor right at their fingertips. The app uses artificial intelligence to provide the user with guidance. While most business advisors are generalists, this app is able to provide specialist advice. By using the app you won’t need to consult with ten or twenty different specialists. To monetise this technology they can either manage the app as a subscription service or partner with sponsors who want to reach their audience.

Tools, Systems and Processes

In order to spend more time with his family, they made a joint decision to work for two consecutive months and take the third month off to travel. Over the past seven years they’ve seen close to 75 countries. Dale suggests you take great effort in the beginning to build the right processes. They use Google Sites to store all of the intellectual property of the company. He suggests finding some good project management software, they use one called Teamwork. Dale also makes use of a CRM programme. Employ a great team of people around you is his advice.

Who to Employ

Dale partially believes in “hire for attitude, train for skill”, but experience and competency in their specific role is also important. He values efficiency and resourcefulness. Look for people who are realistic about their time management, who would say no if they won’t be able to deliver something. Work ethic is another important thing to look at as well as confidence in their role.

Reset Button: If you had to start over in a different industry, what would it be and why?

The technology space is something Dale would seriously consider, especially artificial intelligence. Technology allows us to scale businesses, a thing that wasn’t possible before. He also recognises the potential in owning property.

Last Words

BRiN is a vast resource, containing a thousand videos to help you with everything from time management and leadership to marketing and building system. Dale suggests watching a training video once a week or so to continually educate and better yourself.

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