Want to learn how businesses make money and create multiple income streams?

Awesome, because that is exactly what I do…MisterBA – Analyse businesses to showcase behind the scenes secrets of how they work.

Launched in 2016 as a community for business heroes who are Starting out, existing entrepreneurs Struggling to get to the next level or Successful entrepreneurs that is just Stuck.

How can we help you?

1. Weekly Podcast where successful entrepreneurs are interviewed to understand their business model and how they make money.
2. Reports and blueprints on how to start and grow businesses.
3. Projects: Creating new business startups where we implement a specific business model and share our journey with you.

Some of our beliefs about entrepreneurship:

1. A big percentage of creating a successful business is mindset – we are most of the time our biggest enemies.
2. Any person can be a business owner by solving a problem people are willing to pay for.
3. Technology has enabled anyone to create a business from almost nothing.
4. Having a passion for what you do will get you through the tough times – Identify your WHY?
5. There is enough for everyone, focus on collaboration within your industry and growing exponentially.
6. Investing in yourself as the entrepreneur is the best education you will ever get.

“MisterBA helps Starting, Struggling, Stuck entrepreneurs go to the next level.”

Who is the driving force behind MisterBA?

Please to meet you future business hero and now my friend, I am Dewald Pelser who lives in South Africa.
Yes I know this is a third world country and what could you possibly learn from me?
We have first world citizens who want to change the world – Elon Musk was made in South Africa 🙂

I have worked almost 10 years in big corporate and was actually very happy with my job as a business analyst.
Designing proceses and automating functions all in the name of efficiency and generating more revenue.

I am pursuing MisterBA as a full time venture which gives me the freedom to pursue the lifestyle I want, and I want to do the same for YOU, friend.

I have this inquisitive passion to understand how business make money with multiple revenue streams and I want to empower you to create the business of your dreams.

Come join me in creating a business you want!

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