Rikus De Beer also known as Jonathan from Radioraps
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Radioraps: Entertainment brand that started out with WhatsApp voice notes

Rikus de Beer, also known as Jonathan, is the founder of Radioraps an entertainment brand that allows him to create wealth through entertainment.

We analyse how Rikus is creating a successful brand in a small segmented market.

The journey as a business owner.

Rikus started out with a dream of becoming a professional rugby player but broke his back within the first year of attending university. This changed his whole perspective on approaching the academic side of attending university. He thought he had to now go the conventional route of getting a degree, start working, get 2 dogs, marry and have children.

He started his career out as a Sales Representative for John Deer Clothing. Thereafter he moved into being a Financial Advisor.

At age 26 he developed a rare disease from a random virus which landed him in the intensive care unit in hospital for 6 weeks where he almost died. It resulted in him asking different questions about life and what he wanted to achieve.

He started research around tyre recycling and build a business plan around it without having a lot of experience or capital. He approached investors who invested and left him with an equity stake in the business. During the operation of this business, he was more relaxed and much happier to an extent.

He was on a Whatsapp group with a few of the Springbok rugby players whereby he started making fun of them and picking on them in regards with how they played over the weekend.

He always loved making people laugh. As a matter of fact, when he grew up, he wanted to either do stand-up comedy or make movies.

The biggest challenge in starting the business and how was it handled?

He was still working when starting the business so creating content and cashflow was his biggest challenge. He formed a joint partnership to help with his video creation and publishing.

How does the company work?

Value Proposition

Radioraps started out with Jonathan the persona for now but want to ultimately create a brand that is geared at a specific type of humour that appeals to a very targeted market segment. This will allow them to create advertisements that people would actually like to watch and create more engagement.

Customer Segmentation

The customer segment is fixed for now on South-African and Afrikaans speaking people but they are also planning on expanding to the English market and going international with some of the movies.

Marketing Channels

The focus is very much on Social Media but for certain products, like movies, they will need to to some traditional marketing like Billboards and Magazine brands.

Revenue Streams

Income streams includeds the following:

  • Strategic advertising
  • DVD sales of the shows
  • The movie – only due for release later the year.
  • Ticket sales for live performances

80% on the income comes from live performances with advertising and DVD sales making up the rest.

Cost Structure

Creating the videos is the biggest cost element currently.

The movie creation was a big investment.

Key Resources
He does not employ people full time but tend to do joint ventures for each of the different income streams by means of profit sharing. The right people supporting him and making the right connections enabled him to expand his brand.

Key Activities

Content-wise it is a constant activity but there is no formal structure in terms regular activities.

Skill-set to emulate his business model

Constant content creation is key and it should be relevant to your audience with the focus on leveraging technology. Key partnerships and joint ventures is what is going to get you there much quicker.

Reset Scenario: Starting all over with the current knowledge, what business would you start?

Buying property is the most secure asset income generator. He has never considered doing something different even though he has been approached by people to go into the restaurant business.

Last words

Rikus goes into character and gives some business advice as Jonathan on the MisterBA Podcast.

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