2016 Business Model Review


Joani Johnson spoke to us about Mrs South Africa, effective leadership turned a pageant into a profitable business and a prestige brand among married women in South Africa.  Here the value lies in the ongoing relationships you build with sponsors for a long term partnership.  You need to position your brand in such a manner that potential sponsors would want to associate with it.

Online  Business

Tim and Taryn Poulton wanted a business that would allow them ample family time.  Tarryn suffered from PCOS and developed an online support system for other women who have polycystic ovary syndrome.  With this type of online business you can largely automate the process and also decide on the hours you want to work each day.

Commercial Cleaning

Jacques Basson founded Van Broc, a commercial cleaning company.  What is interesting is their market segmentation and the manner in which they speak to each specific segment of their market.  By outsourcing many of his tasks to external vendors, Jacques is able to work from home.  Partnering up with the right people may be what your business needs to grow exponentially.

Facebook Community

 Elan Lohmann didn’t necessarily set out to be an entrepreneur.  He addressed a problem that he had with his weight and it turned into a thriving business.  Elan started with a Twitter group and later successfully moved it over to Facebook.  SleekGeek SA generates revenue through the biannual competitions it hosts as well as sponsorship to a lesser extent. The focus is to serve first and he has helped thousands of people to achieve goals by participating in the free Facebook Groups.

Executive Coaching

 Michelle Clark created this coaching business around her lifestyle.  Technology enables her to work from anywhere in the world with global clients.  You do not have to be in the same room as your clients, that’s the glory of technology.  With coaching you exchange your time for money, so it may not be the best business in terms of scalability, but still great to start out with.

Entertainment Industry

Rikus de Beer is a comedian who started by creating funny sound clips around which he built a brand for himself.  He generated income from ticket sales to his shows.  Since then he has branched out to television commercials and even released his first film.

Hykie Berg is an actor, particularly in South African soap operas.  The key takeaway from these two entertainment business models is the importance of your brand.  Once that is established you can create different revenue streams around that brand.

Software Business

Shana Derman started IntelliCred, a brand protection software company.  If you have a worthy idea you can bring people together to create a business solution for you.  You do not necessarily have to be technologically inclined to start this type of business.  If done correctly, a software business may give you the best return on investment in comparison to many other ventures.

Clothing Company

 Josh Meltz and his co-founder also set out to solve a problem that they had.  The social responsibility aspect of Granadilla Swim is what makes them so unique – the distinctive material is printed in South Africa and the swimwear is manufactured locally as well. This idea of “giving back” can be applied throughout one’s life, not just in business.  Their initial rollout process is also quite interesting.  They started exclusively with online sales and later moved on to wholesale agreements in regions where their merchandise performed the best.  By doing this they kept the risk low.

Ready-to-cook Ingredient Packages

 UCook with Katie Barry started out in a garage and has flourished ever since.  This is another example where collaborating with the right people, people whose skill sets complement your own, can be beneficial to the business.

Crowdfunding Property Investments

Wealth Migrate with Scott Picken encourages people to invest in property across the globe.  By keeping the initial costs to a minimum, it’s Scott’s goal that the average Joe can invest in offshore property.  Scott found a way to use technology to the advantage of his real estate business and by doing this he shows us that you can utilise the best aspects of two different industries and combine them to make something unique.

Fictional Writing

 Louis Wiid used his background in corporate finance to his advantage when marketing his self-published book, Submerged.  It seems you benefit most from your writing once your book is made into a television series or movie.  Louis has other passive income in the form of property with which he is able to maintain his operational expenses.

The Ultimate Man-Brand

Meyer le Roux spoke to us about the Buffelsfontein brand.  They initially manufactured beard oil, but have since branched out to many other products that still keep in line with the original rough-and-tough brand.  If you do decide to diversify your product range, make sure you still reflect a coalescent brand image.  The best products often originate from the simplest ideas – don’t overcomplicate things.

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