Jacque Visagie
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Jacque Visagie is founder of Kaizen Wellness, which boasts a 100% success rate, guaranteed.

Elevator Pitch – Who is Jacque Visagie?

Jacque is a transformation coach at Kaizen Wellness, where they create an individual strategy for each new client to fit their specific lifestyle. Kaizen Wellness boasts a 100% success rate due to the fact that they do small intakes of clientele and design a programme according to individual needs.

Starting Out

Jacque has a keen interest in storytelling and studied film directing after school. Upon completion of his honours degree, he realised that directing was not the right fit for him. His now father-in-law urged him to come work for him. After about a year he was still not fulfilled in his job. He found that his body – what he ate and what how he trained – was the only thing he had control over. Jacque started researching different aspects of training and nutrition, quickly growing a
passion for these things. Slowly he transformed his own body through a series of calculated and monitored nutritional and physical experiments. He documented the process on Facebook and
a friend of his asked him to help him with his own transformation. Through Facebook and by word of mouth Jacque’s business went from strength to strength. Today they have clients worldwide.

Invest in Yourself

Jacque thoroughly enjoys reading and listening to audio books, as long as it’s not fiction. He especially finds Zig Ziglar’s books motivating as well as the writings of Gary Vaynerchuk, an expert on social media. Anthony Robbins and Les Brown also feature on his bookshelf. When you deal with people every day, Jacque suggests reading customer-centered books and delving into the psychology of the consumer.

Making Mistakes and Learning from Them

After he got his business off the ground, Jacque started noticing what his competitors were doing. Looking back he feels he should have trusted himself more by turning away from what the
masses were doing at the time.

Differentiate Yourself From your Competitors

Jacques doesn’t care what his competitors do or who they are, he focuses on targeting the specific problems his clients have. He carefully listens to the needs of his clients and works to fulfill those needs. Their client service is excellent and their results are guaranteed. This results in incredibly happy clients.

Jacque’s Ideal Clients

When he first started, Jacque had signed up any person willing to do his course, but at this stage Jacque gets to choose his clients. He first listens to a potential client and finds out about their motivation for doing his course. If he feels the person would be the right fit for their business he would take them on as a client. Instead of looking for a type of person to take on as a client, Jacque takes note of a person’s attitude and lifestyle and tailors a course around that.


Since the inception of Kaizen Wellness Facebook has remained their main method of marketing. Jacque did not have the budget for advertising at that stage. Showing his friends on Facebook what he was achieving served as enough promotion for his business to flourish. In 2017 they will continue to focus on Facebook and also Instagram as means to promote their brand. The results achieved by their clients supply them with ample promotional stock.

Tools or Systems that Help the Business

In the very beginning Blackberry’s free chat function, BBM, made it possible for Jacque to contact his clients.

Income Streams

One-on-one coaching – Jacque trades his time for money.
He also supplements his income with a range of supplementation products which he developed a few years ago. The Nutrinox range is sold online and aligns with his work in the fitness industry.

Reset Button: If you had to start over in a different industry. What would it be and why?

Jacque would choose to start a business from zero again, especially a client service business such as sales. He would also like to teach other people those skills – how to listen to your market and serve the needs they have.

Last Words

Be patient. First get to know yourself and develop your skills before diving into the business world. Add value to your client’s experience by offering the excellent service that is so often lacking in South Africa.

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