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Learning about Entrepreneurship

A Solo Session with Dewald on the topic of Learning

Levels of Learning

Dewald believes that you should try to learn from people that are closer to the level you are as opposed to the books we get in the bookstore that just features the Richard Branson’s and Elon Musk.

Just in Time Learning

We tend to have a fear of missing out or in short, “FOMO” which translates to many areas of our lives, this also applies to what you are learning. What I have found over the last year is that I have spent lots of time on the latest trends in terms of social media marketing, email marketing and lots of other things that I was learning for the sake of not being left behind but not implementing it in my businesses. It is better to understand your business barometer and what is the function or skill that would make the most difference, then spend time on that and implement ASAP.

Learning from Successful Entrepreneurs

The interview has been structured in such a way to get a broad learning experience with the focus on the following:

1.The journey of the entrepreneur which is primarily for the sake of inspiration and getting an idea of it not being overnight.

2.Mistakes are the learning experiences we can take away to try and avoid them in our own business journey.

3.How the business work and income streams

4.Reset scenario is to get an idea with what is currently trending and some strategies on how they would approach starting over.

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